Panic! at the Disco Mandela effect.

What up all you Dreamers out there, this is the Dream-Eater coming to you live from in my mom’s basement. Today I want to talk about the Mandela effect: Panic! at the Disco theory.

Now for those who don’t know what the Mandela effect is I will explain. Basically, for some unknown reason, our dimension is shifting to alternative timelines where things are different from our original time. This results in things being different than what we remember. To give an example: Think about the monopoly man from the classic game monopoly, now don’t look up the actual picture but try to remember exactly what Uncle Pennybags looks like. If you imagined “a little man with a monocle, holding bags” of money you have been Mandela affected. Now if you search the mascot of monopoly you will see he has no monocle! So that’s a basic rundown of what the Mandela effect is.

Now that I have explained what the Mandela effect is now the theory. So there has been a theory going around that the Panic! At the Disco hit song, I write sins, not tragedies has been sung wrong this entire time. So the lyrics go “I Chimed in with haven’t you people ever heard of, closing a Goddamn door,” however, people have sung and heard it as “closing the goddamn door.” This theory even has Brendon Urie the lead singer of Panic! At the Disco confused, as he has sung it as closing the Goddamn door too. One twitter user of the name “H” asked Brendon himself and he says he doesn’t know either.

I am now going to give my opinion on this theory. To me, this looks like it’s not actually a Mandela effect, rather the artist just simply forgetting his own lyrics. “But Dream!” I hear you say, “people have also heard the song and thought it was closing the damn door,” to that I counter with, people have also heard it as closing a damn door. Human perspective can be easily swayed and every person is different. Finally, Brendon Urie has just forgotten the lyrics because he has sung this song too many times. To be blunt he is tired of singing I write sins, not tragedies and as a result, he stopped caring what the lyrics were. My evidence for this claim is in one of Brendon’s latest concerts. If you research “brendon urie i’m tired of this song” you will find him saying “Goddamn it I’m tired of this song!”

Well that’s my theory of the week, hope ya’ll enjoyed it and have a great day!


3 thoughts on “Panic! at the Disco Mandela effect.

  1. I’ve always been really intrigued by the Mandala effect. I’ve always heard “closing the goddamn door” in Panic At The Disco’s lyrics and I feel as if this is a plausible example of it, though not a completely substantial example of it. I have though had very strong examples of the Mandala effect (of course I can’t think of any on the spot) and have had to Google information on the topic to verify my knowledge. I though at some point in life that Nelson Mandala was the president of Africa, but I can’t actually remember where I heard that. I do think that it is very possible for realities to shift and change, but I don’t think people would be aware of changes if changes were to actually shift.
    #mandala #effect #CS5711


  2. I like the theme look of your blog! Very neat and clean looking design, minimalism style I like.

    Yes, I’m familiar with the Mandela effect how we must be living in altered dimensions or something.

    I started hearing a few years back now about how “The Berenstein Bears” are actually called “the Berenstain Bears, I never paid to much attention to that because it was a childhood book and my old memories aren’t so clear to have even noticed. Another example I heard I can’t remember now.
    I found this link on a quick search, with some more examples;

    I do like the idea of your blog as there are so many interesting theories out there and may like to visit your blog again to see what is posted about next.

    This one theory had me thinking for a while;

    And this one I try not to think about…

    Sam – from #cs5711


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