Reza is a bad character Period.

The following post is going to be based on the game Angels with scaly wings and is a fan based parody/ Critique. There may be spoilers, so if you have not played the game yet now’s your chance. Go to their official homepage at and download the game it costs $9.99. This is not sponsored, but I wish it was!

Hello, all you dreamers out there, this is The DreamEater coming to y’all live from in my dragons basement! Today I have a theory based on a game that I have been playing called Angles with Scaly Wings, and am head over heels in love with Remy! I have not played through the entire game yet, but I have gotten pretty far. So my theory is Reza is a really bad Character. now don’t get the wrong idea I think Reza is a really crafty and smart person in the AWSW universe, the fact he could figure out the coming events in just a week proves how smart and cunning he really is. However, what he has in analytical ability he lacks in professionality, but I am getting ahead of myself.

For those of you that don’t know what AWSW is, it’s a dating simulator game that has a bit of mystery added to it. The game itself focuses on you, the player, being sent to another world as an ambassador for the human race. This alien planet is inhabited by Dragons, (yes dragons)who seek information on humans in exchange for their powerful generators. Throughout the game, you have to solve puzzles and interact with the Dragons that inhabit the planet, to progress the story forward. The Romantic element of the game is pretty unusual, but that’s another post for another time. At the beginning of the game your partner, Reza, is sent to this alien world first. After you are sent to this world and meet up with Reza, he starts to act suspicious and gets himself in real trouble.

Now for my theory on Reza. In the Begining when you first meet Reza he already has this kind of get me out of here vibe. This vibe is most evident when he is talking to or about his guardian Dragon Maverick. He lets the player know from the get go “there is something wrong about this place.” After your first encounter with Reza, he sends you a note with a secret message written in lemon juice to meet him at the portal. Warning: We are getting into major spoiler territory if you have not played the game yet and intend to, go play it now, you have been warned. At the portal, Reza explains this planet is about to die real soon and urges the player to come with him back to their planet, but they were interrupted by Maverick who had suspected Reza of plotting an attack on the Dragons. Maverick accuses both Reza and the player of this plan and puts them under arrest, then in a moments notice, Reza pulls out a gun, shoots maverick and runs off urging the player to move with him, but maverick nails the player to the ground. After the eventful night, Reza goes on a killing spree of all dragons that find him.

Reza had not only put their entire mission in jeopardy but also became a murder of several innocent dragons in the process. After everything, Reza turned out to be right about the world ending, but still, alot of bad things could have been avoided if he actually put in the thought. First of all, When you first meet Reza you can tell Maverick is suspicious of Reza cause of how closely he watches him and the player. Instead of trying to act calm about it and decrease suspicion, Reza makes himself look more suspicious by acting out against and butting heads with Maverick. If that wasn’t enough, he also tries to secretly talk to the player, in Mavericks presents, about the world ending. He even states that Maverick could be listening in on them, and ironically tells the player to “keep it down!” Second, when Reza makes a note with a secret message, he uses lemon Juice as invisible ink. Maverick noticed the smell of lemons in the note and knew he was hiding some kind of message within it. If Reza took five minutes to consider how strong a dragon’s sense of smell could be, he would know that this was a really bad idea and could have easily concealed a secret message without it. Finally, when Reza was caught red handed by Maverick, he is arrested. Instead of going along with it and eventually being returned to his own world, he shoots maverick with a gun and runs away. Seriously, do I even need to explain why this is a stupid move? If he just went along with being “arrested” Maverick would have been accused of being too suspicious towards the humans since he had no evidence to back up his claim and charges would have been dropped. Now he is a serial killer! Good job Reza, ya really just played yourself!

Overall, Reza has to be the most inconsiderate character in AWSW. I won’t bash on him too hard because he did figure out where he actually was, and even though he killed innocent people he was just trying to do what he thought was right for the human society. He knew that their world was going to end and thought it wouldn’t matter if he killed a few lives since they all were going to be extinct. however, he did screw up majorly by killing my boy Bryce and is now on my hit list if I get the chance later in the game, but he isn’t a bad guy overall, just stupid. REALLY stupid. That’s my theory for ya guys if you liked it please comment down below, sorry this theory was very long, but I am REALLY into this game so do check it out and give it a play yourselves! Dream Eater out.


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