JJBA P3 was Holly in on it!!?

Hello all you Dreamers out there this is the Dream Eater coming to ya’ll live from in my stand “the Basement!” This weeks theory comes from the all-time classic anime/manga: Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures.

JJBA is basically an anime/manga that’s about a protagonist named Jojo and his/her conquest to defeat Dio, the stone masks/pillar men, the arrowheads, a pedophile, etc. in a 8 part series at this moment in time. I must reiterate that this show/manga is not called Bizzare for nothing. If you don’t know what JJBA is or have never read/watched it, I suggest you go either read the manga or watch the anime before reading this theory, because I am not even going to attempt trying to explain how a human turned into a vampire who was defeated with sunshine karate unleashed unknown horror, and regained life by taking the body of Jojo and created servant ghost that can be unleashed with fighting spirit!! It’s all too complicated.

Without further ado, my theory is Holly was in on the whole plan to defeat DIO. My inspiration for this theory is from xForts video explaining about holly’s stand link to video. After thinking about it I have come to the conclusion that in order for part three to make any sense, Holly needed to be in on the plan to defeat DIO!

xForts explains in his video that Holly’s “illness” was induced by her Stand manifesting. He then goes on to explain why she would not have died due to her Stand manifesting, and how the entire part is basically a plot hole. However, I think Holly was, for the most part, faking it. The only way to make sense of this part is that she was faking her “life threating” illness and told Joeseph to make something up to get Jotaro to fight DIO.

Here’s the run down, Joeseph gets to Japan to get Jotaro out of Jail with Avdol, He then explains the situation with DIO to both Holly and Jotaro. Holly begins to feel sick and collapses, Holly then realizes that her condition might give Jotaro the resolve to seek out DIO knowing how dangerous he is, after all, Jotaro may be really stubborn but he still risked his life for his mom. She then tells Joseph to do the thing he does best, bluff! Joseph makes up the whole story about how because she has a “fragile will” her stand will overtake and kill her.

You know the rest. My evidence for this theory is, well, everything! Literally, this has to be the case in order for the rest of the story to work! If DIO was defeated and Holly’s stand wasn’t released she would have died if she really wasn’t faking it, however, if the stand was released Jotaro and Josuke would have lost their stands too and part 4 wouldn’t exist. Since part 4 does exist, though, this has to be why Holly’s illness has to be exaggerated or Jotaro wouldn’t have gone and fought DIO.

That is it guys I would like to thank xForts for making his video and giving me the inspiration for this theory. If ya’ll like this post please comment about it down below, and subscribe to my blog for more crackpot theories. Anyhow that’s it, Dream out!


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