What up all you dreamers out there this is the DreamEater coming to y’all live from in my reptilians basement. Today’s theory will be a support theory on one of my previous posts, “If your Christian, you should believe reptilians exist!.” Also, I have a Youtube video out now where I reply to a comment on said post, so go check that out and give me a thumbs up or down. Cause why not?

Reptilians what are they? Essentially, the Reptilians are a group of lizard-like folk who supposedly live underground tunnels, spaceships above us, and are around us but shapeshifted to look like humans. What do they want though? We don’t know. Some speculate that they are trying to take control of all the countries’ governments, thus forcing the world into a new world order. Others speculate they are here to gain information on this planet and the life forms on it. Why would they want to start a new world order? Some say Reptilians have been caught eating humans and wearing their skin. They want to take over the worlds so they have one giant human buffet.

My personal theories on this: are they really trying to start a new world order? Yeah probably, hold on let me get my tin foil hat ready. In all seriousness though, the “bad ones” could be trying to take control of the human race, and this could explain why they haven’t taken the world by force. As for why they want to take control of this world, I don’t know why exactly, but it does make me suspicious of the reps eating humans theory.

Are they actually here to gain information on humans? Personally, I think this theory does not work well, any alien life form that sees our planet, and what we have done to it, would immediately contact earth and would probably communicate something along the lines of “no! no no no no no no!! NOOOO!” Let’s be honest with the way the world has been going lately and what we have done to this planet, we need an intervention. On the other hand, some say they have met(good) reptilians before and that the reason why no intervention has been made yet is because they want to observe how we handle the situation ourselves, but they will intervene if necessary.

What about Reptilians eating humans, they have been described as large creatures, they must have a big apatite right? Well, think of it this way, what do normal lizards usually eat? The answer is, no particular thing. All normal lizards eat something different depending on the species and environment. Some lizards eat flies, insects, and other smaller animals, while others eat a large variety of plants. With this in mind, we can determine some reptilians eat vegetables as their main diet and have no need to bother humans for food. Others, however, may eat vegetables and meat, cows, sheep, etc. to be specific, but they may make the jump from cows to humans if need be. This knowledge could contribute to figuring out if one is more docile than the other and determine which reptilians could be good or bad, but that’s just my theory.

Can we trust reptilians? Honestly, it depends, just like how humans can be either kind or vicious, reptilians can go either way. Some say all reptilians are evil, I can’t agree with this statement, mainly because the same thing could be said about us humans. The truth is sometimes you just have to take a chance. I can’t speak for all reptilians or humans but I think there are good ones out there just waiting for the right time to reveal themselves, but that’s just my theory.

That’s pretty much it for this one you guys if y’all enjoyed what you read, please like this post and subscribe to my blog and youtube channel. Thanks for reading, hope to see y’all in the next post. Dream out!


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