Are you my “Dad?!” | SU Theory

Disclaimer: Steven Universe is the property of Rebecca Sugar, Cartoon Network, and others I don’t know all of them yet. Please Support the official release in any way possible and legally!

What is up all you dreamers out there! This is the Dream-Eater coming to y’all live from in the Crystal Gems Basement! This week’s theory is about the new Promo for Steven Universes’ next steven bomb.

For those of you who don’t know what Steven Universe is, it’s an American cartoon about a boy named steven who was born from a human named Greg and an alien named Rose. The alien race Rose is from are called Gems. In the show, Steven goes on many missions with a group of Gems called the Crystal Gems, and battle against opposing Gem forces and corrupted Gems as well. To learn more I would suggest looking it up online.

In one of the latest promos for the latest Steven Bomb, a new gem, that I am just going to call Gem X, Says the following at the end. “Are you, my Dad?” Now, this makes me wonder a lot. She says “are you, my Dad,” but shouldn’t she mean are you my mom? Gems are A-gender which means they are not Boys nor Girls, but they identify as women cause why not. So with this in consideration could this mean she could be half human? Since gems are born from the ground they don’t have parents, and even if they consider their maker’s as parents wouldn’t she say Mom instead of Dad? This is all a theory so who knows except “Sugar!”

Anyway, that was my theory If y’all liked it please tell me so in the comments, I wanted to make this post short. Please follow my faceBook and Twitter. That’s all, Dream out!


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