Gao’s “Buddy”| Buddyfight Theory

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What is up all you Dreamers out there! This is the Dream-Eater coming to y’all Live from in my Buddy’s basement. This weeks theory involves one of my favorite card game/anime’s, Future Card Buddyfight!

What is Buddyfight? It’s a card game with a really interesting lore to it. I would suggest going to their official site to learn how to play since there are too many rules and mechanics for me to go over in this one post. The lore of Buddyfight is, the earth is one of many worlds. These other worlds are connected to earth via the card game Buddyfight. Buddy monsters travel to earth to befriend humans and become their buddies. In the anime, Gao Mikado draws a buddy rare card from a pack and gains a buddy about 3 times. Fast forward to the present Gao is on his third Buddy and has lost his previous 2. However, I have noticed a pattern within the show.

In the original series, Gao’s Buddy is Drum Bunker Dragon Fang Slade Terrestial the 13th(yes I seriously memorized all that) aka Drum. Drum was like an older brother to Gao, both would fight all the time but had each other back when it counted. Later on in the series, it is found out that Gao had an older Brother who died from an unknown illness. With this known it makes me think what if Drum doesn’t even exist and is a representation of how Gao misses his Brother. In the second Season or Buddyfight 100, Drum is no longer in his previous form and becomes an Omnilord. Drum’s new form could be a metaphor for his death since in the final episode of the season Drum leaves the show for good. Gao, instead of being upset, is glad to see his best friend go and this could mean he has come to terms with his brother’s death.

In its third season Triple D, Gao pulls yet another Buddy rare card and is met with his new Buddy who is also a newborn. His new Buddy does not have a name so Gao named him Bal. Bal acts like a child, which is understandable considering he was born literally yesterday. Bal’s sudden appearance could be a sign of Gao undergoing a rebirth of some kind. Maybe he started becoming more spiritual and attend a church or something of the sorts. However, in the last episode, Bal has to leave like how Drum did, but the difference is, Gao had no consent with him leaving. Instead, he cried and could not come to terms with his Buddy leaving again. This may be representative of Gao losing another loved one, and now he must go through more grieving.

In the latest season Buddyfight X. Gao, instead of pulling a Buddy rare by chance, forces a Demon Lord Dragon to become his Buddy. The Demon Lord, named Batzz, is more rebellious and rude than the past Buddies we’ve had. This could mean Gao, after losing his brother and loved one, is going through his rebellious phase as a teenager.

Unfortunatly, this is all I can conclude with. There are only 7 episodes as of this moment, but I will revise this theory when the time comes. Thanks, for reading yall, tell me what you think in the comments below. That’s all Dream Out!


Do aliens exist?/Secureteam10

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What is up all you Dreamers out there! This is the Dream-Eater coming to y’all Live from in my UF Basement. This week’s theory is going to be about UFO’s and Aliens, also a cool YouTube channel by the name secureteam10.

If you don’t know what UFO’s or aliens are…. get off the internet… right now, save yourself before it’s too late!!! Jokes aside UFO’s or Unidentified Flying Objects are, exactly what the name suggests, flying objects that have been unidentified. Most UFO’s are said to most likely be alien to this planet.

Now do Aliens exist?. Yes… Literally, there is no denying it, so many X-government officials have already confirmed it. This video is a Canadian government official confirming aliens exist. I linked the video to 3:50 minutes into it where he begins to explain the types of aliens that have been visiting earth. This video also confirms the existence of UFOs.

On to our second topic, secureteam10. secureteam10 is a YouTube channel that monitors alien activity and really anything out of the ordinary or that relates to UFOs. One of his latest videos in this moment is about how UFO sitings have tripled. secureteam10 really goes in-depth for research on this topic and much more. If you have the slightest interest in UFOs I would suggest subscribing to his channel and to check out all of his videos.

That’s all guys how was this week’s post was it too short, too long? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. That’s it, Dream out!

Diamond colors = personality? |SU

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What is up all you dreamers out there! This is the Dream-Eater coming to y’all live from in Yellow Diamonds basement(please send Steven and the Gems!!). This week’s theory circles around the allusive Diamonds from the hit Cartoon, Steven Universe. For those of you who don’t know what Steven Universe is please refer to my other post. What I have come to about the Diamonds is their colors represent their personality.

When I was relistening to “What’s the Use of Feeling Blue?”(for the hundredth time) I thought for a second. What if their colors match their main emotion. Blue Diamond’s main emotion is “feeling blue,” and that got me thinking how does one feel yellow? If you have been around long enough or just look up the meaning, yellow can mean afraid or scared. This makes me think, what if Yellow Diamond is not trying to attack the earth out of hate but, of fear of the Rebellion and the thought of there being a second Rebellion(not just because of her loss)? That fear is of not being able to control everything and this would really fit with Yellow Diamonds description.

However, what about White and Pink Diamond what would this say about them? White Diamond I believe would have a kind of self-righteous attitude. Since a white diamond is the clearest of all types of diamonds this could be seen as her being the “most perfect looking” diamond. As for pink, I have to go with the Lion is Pink Diamond theory. She would see the beauty in all things and is why she only has one planet colony because she didn’t want to harvest many worlds. She didn’t want to hurt the earth so she faked her own death and became lion after the corruption song.

Well, guys, that’s it. What do yall think of this theory did I make good points, was I completely off? Tell me in the comments below and please be sure to check out my facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. That’s all, Dream out!