Diamond colors = personality? |SU

Disclaimer: Steven Universe is the property of Rebecca Sugar, Cartoon Network, and others I don’t know all of them yet. Please Support the official release in any way possible and legally!

What is up all you dreamers out there! This is the Dream-Eater coming to y’all live from in Yellow Diamonds basement(please send Steven and the Gems!!). This week’s theory circles around the allusive Diamonds from the hit Cartoon, Steven Universe. For those of you who don’t know what Steven Universe is please refer to my other post. What I have come to about the Diamonds is their colors represent their personality.

When I was relistening to “What’s the Use of Feeling Blue?”(for the hundredth time) I thought for a second. What if their colors match their main emotion. Blue Diamond’s main emotion is “feeling blue,” and that got me thinking how does one feel yellow? If you have been around long enough or just look up the meaning, yellow can mean afraid or scared. This makes me think, what if Yellow Diamond is not trying to attack the earth out of hate but, of fear of the Rebellion and the thought of there being a second Rebellion(not just because of her loss)? That fear is of not being able to control everything and this would really fit with Yellow Diamonds description.

However, what about White and Pink Diamond what would this say about them? White Diamond I believe would have a kind of self-righteous attitude. Since a white diamond is the clearest of all types of diamonds this could be seen as her being the “most perfect looking” diamond. As for pink, I have to go with the Lion is Pink Diamond theory. She would see the beauty in all things and is why she only has one planet colony because she didn’t want to harvest many worlds. She didn’t want to hurt the earth so she faked her own death and became lion after the corruption song.

Well, guys, that’s it. What do yall think of this theory did I make good points, was I completely off? Tell me in the comments below and please be sure to check out my facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. That’s all, Dream out!


4 thoughts on “Diamond colors = personality? |SU

  1. I know this theory is old and all but with the news episodes of “The Trial” and “Off Colors” and “Lars Head” we see now that, the “Pink is Lipn” theory is out of the question, since Steven brings Lars back in life with his Healing Tears and it trans out he has the exact same abilities and powers (soon to be seen in future episodes) as Lion does, concluding that Lion must have been either very close to Rose, as seen as such in “Buddy’s Book” with her seven lions, or she just couldn’t bare to see an innocent earth life form die, so she healed Lion, but it’s more probable that Lion turns out to be one of the seven lions she had when she met Buddy in the desert, where we also find Lion in the first place. And again, we see an old palace structure that must have been another “temple ruin” of Roses where Steven finds the tape for Nora, which turns out to be nobody since it was just an extra tape in case Steven turned out to be a girl. But also in that same episode is the chest in Lions mane, where the giant key Steven has doesn’t fit. One of my theories is either that the shards of Pink Diamond is what is powering the Tenple hat Steven lives at, or that they’re bubbled away in that chest. Hopefully this helped.


  2. Interesting post. Although I haven’t seen the show, I expect you are correct that thought was put into matching the characters to colors, likely by the Production Design Department. CS5711


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