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Whats up all you Dreamers out there! This is the Dream-Eater coming to y’all live from in Bushiroads basement!! Sorry about the long time no post, I have been taking summer off to focus on work and get my wage gap back to normal. Anyway, I don’t have much to go on about so I will just direct you to my latest YouTube video! This is a video I had already made quite a while ago but just now have gotten around to posting. Although the info is pretty outdated, I thought it would be a good rant to post. Anyway, that’s all I got to say, until next time please like, subscribe to all my social medias and Dream out!


Do aliens exist?/Secureteam10

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What is up all you Dreamers out there! This is the Dream-Eater coming to y’all Live from in my UF Basement. This week’s theory is going to be about UFO’s and Aliens, also a cool YouTube channel by the name secureteam10.

If you don’t know what UFO’s or aliens are…. get off the internet… right now, save yourself before it’s too late!!! Jokes aside UFO’s or Unidentified Flying Objects are, exactly what the name suggests, flying objects that have been unidentified. Most UFO’s are said to most likely be alien to this planet.

Now do Aliens exist?. Yes… Literally, there is no denying it, so many X-government officials have already confirmed it. This video is a Canadian government official confirming aliens exist. I linked the video to 3:50 minutes into it where he begins to explain the types of aliens that have been visiting earth. This video also confirms the existence of UFOs.

On to our second topic, secureteam10. secureteam10 is a YouTube channel that monitors alien activity and really anything out of the ordinary or that relates to UFOs. One of his latest videos in this moment is about how UFO sitings have tripled. secureteam10 really goes in-depth for research on this topic and much more. If you have the slightest interest in UFOs I would suggest subscribing to his channel and to check out all of his videos.

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What up all you dreamers out there this is the DreamEater coming to y’all live from in my reptilians basement. Today’s theory will be a support theory on one of my previous posts, “If your Christian, you should believe reptilians exist!.” Also, I have a Youtube video out now where I reply to a comment on said post, so go check that out and give me a thumbs up or down. Cause why not?

Reptilians what are they? Essentially, the Reptilians are a group of lizard-like folk who supposedly live underground tunnels, spaceships above us, and are around us but shapeshifted to look like humans. What do they want though? We don’t know. Some speculate that they are trying to take control of all the countries’ governments, thus forcing the world into a new world order. Others speculate they are here to gain information on this planet and the life forms on it. Why would they want to start a new world order? Some say Reptilians have been caught eating humans and wearing their skin. They want to take over the worlds so they have one giant human buffet.

My personal theories on this: are they really trying to start a new world order? Yeah probably, hold on let me get my tin foil hat ready. In all seriousness though, the “bad ones” could be trying to take control of the human race, and this could explain why they haven’t taken the world by force. As for why they want to take control of this world, I don’t know why exactly, but it does make me suspicious of the reps eating humans theory.

Are they actually here to gain information on humans? Personally, I think this theory does not work well, any alien life form that sees our planet, and what we have done to it, would immediately contact earth and would probably communicate something along the lines of “no! no no no no no no!! NOOOO!” Let’s be honest with the way the world has been going lately and what we have done to this planet, we need an intervention. On the other hand, some say they have met(good) reptilians before and that the reason why no intervention has been made yet is because they want to observe how we handle the situation ourselves, but they will intervene if necessary.

What about Reptilians eating humans, they have been described as large creatures, they must have a big apatite right? Well, think of it this way, what do normal lizards usually eat? The answer is, no particular thing. All normal lizards eat something different depending on the species and environment. Some lizards eat flies, insects, and other smaller animals, while others eat a large variety of plants. With this in mind, we can determine some reptilians eat vegetables as their main diet and have no need to bother humans for food. Others, however, may eat vegetables and meat, cows, sheep, etc. to be specific, but they may make the jump from cows to humans if need be. This knowledge could contribute to figuring out if one is more docile than the other and determine which reptilians could be good or bad, but that’s just my theory.

Can we trust reptilians? Honestly, it depends, just like how humans can be either kind or vicious, reptilians can go either way. Some say all reptilians are evil, I can’t agree with this statement, mainly because the same thing could be said about us humans. The truth is sometimes you just have to take a chance. I can’t speak for all reptilians or humans but I think there are good ones out there just waiting for the right time to reveal themselves, but that’s just my theory.

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If your Christian, you should believe reptilians exist!

Disclaimer: if you are religious, I highly suggest you look away. Unless you are open minded to this kind of stuff and are in agreement that this is all a theory and is not to prove/disprove anything in the Bible, by all means, enjoy this theory.

What up all you Dreamers out there this is the Dream-Eater coming to guys live from in my underground basement, where I am currently sharing a room with a white reptilian. This week’s late theory is going to be about my favorite topic, the reptilians.

First things first, what are reptilians? Originally antagonized and made to light by conspirest David Icke, reptilians are shapeshifting beings that have an agenda to destroy the human race. Theories other than Icke’s, have claimed them to be extra-terrestrial beings while some have also claimed them to have always been on earth, shapeshifting to look like humans, and to be a part of the biggest conspiracy on earth, the Illuminati.

Now, personally, my thoughts on reptilians are way different from David Icke’s. I believe there are both good reptilians and bad reptilians and unlike Icke, I prefer to talk about the good ones. As interesting as these theories are I have to get back on topic leaving this discussion for another post.

My theory, if you are Christian, which I am, you should believe reptilians exist, but furthermore, you should believe reptilians are not as malevolent as David Icke claims. “what is this nonsense?” I hear you thinking as you read this. My proof, good sir/madam, comes from, the Bible somewhere in Genesis, Satan decides to “shapeshift” himself into a serpent and tries to tempt Eve into partaking the fruit from the tree of knowledge. In that moment Eve had sinned and tempted Adam into Sinning as well, by eating the fruit. As a result, both were punished, but what people don’t really pay attention to, is that the “serpents” were punished just as severely. All the serpents had their arms and legs cut off and were forced to eat dirt for all eternity.

If you think about it the parallels really line up. Satan Shapeshifted into this reptilian being that could talk to Eve, tempting her into taking a bite from the fruit of knowledge. The being Satan turned into was described as having two arms and feet. But the real evidence is how God Punished the serpents. Now, He said cut off their arms and legs and forced them to eat dirt for eternity, but how much of that was metaphorical and actual? This is the Bible were talking about here, it’s known for its metaphor’s and riddles. If we examine this sentence closely we can see some parallels from serpent to reptilians. First He cut off their arms and legs, from a metaphorical point of view, this could mean he got rid of their ability to hunt and create since they were described as very cunning and clever this seems like an accurate punishment to degrade them. Next, they’re forced to eat the ground of the earth for all eternity, this could be referencing a theory on how reptilians live in complex underground tunnels, and maybe all they can eat is dirt now or whatever is underground. However, this would debunk the unable to create theory, however, a counter-argument is the tunnels were created by God himself and were designed to keep them trapped underground after the great flood hit, which also explains why there has been no contact with them for thousands of years.

Finally, why reptilians should be considered benevolent and not malevolent. When the serpents were blamed for causing Adam and Eve to Sin, they literally had nothing to do with it. It was all Satans idea and it was him that made them sin, he just disguised himself as one of them to pass the blame. So the Serpent’s had no reason to hurt humanity in the first place. A counter argument would be they are mad at humanity and want revenge, and my response is, yeah probably. Just like not all humans are evil not all Reptilians are bad, some may very well want revenge after they escaped the underground and regained their abilities. As for how they regained their ability is a post in it as itself, but here’s a shorter version: after Jesus had died on the cross all sin was removed from people who believe in Him period, that could also be said for the serpents who could be forgiven for tempting Eve to sin. Reptilians may have it out for us but just like how some humans can forgive unconditionally, some reptilians may have already forgiven humanity and are accepting their punishment even after the debt has been paid. As for why other good ones won’t show themselves and try to reconnect with humanity, we can all thank David Icke for that one!

That is it guys, I am so sorry for the length of this one I really get into this kind of stuff. If ya’ll like it please comment down below and if you have found a flaw in my theory that completely debunks this entire theory please comment about it and I will make a post debunking this post. Other than that I hope no one was offended by this, thanks for reading and I will talk to ya’ll next week. Dream out!